Extracts from Joseph Escapes to Glastonbury

EXTRACT 1 : On the Independence of Ukraine


The whole scheme for an independent Ukraine devised by the Ukrainian KGB and Military, CIA and MI6 was brilliant. For the Americans it was a coup. The closing down of a formidable array of intercontinental ballistic missiles fitted with atomic warheads, plus the destruction of the missile silos was bought at a small cost for pulling some of Moscow’s main teeth for threatening the West.

We flew to Cyprus with a very senior intelligence officer in charge of the Missile silos. He was to be debriefed before starting a new life in America. He told us he was relieved at the handover. He said that he was not confident that, were the missiles to be launched, one would not fall back on to the silos and others might never leave Ukrainian Air Space. Another part of the deal was that Sylvia and I would meet his young son at Gatwick and take him to Bath University to study for a degree in Economics.
At that time hotels in Cyprus were flooded with Russians because it was the only place in the world where Russians could bank their money without too many questions being asked, and obtain an Entry Visa on arrival. I was surprised to see Iraqis in our hotel bar. I asked the waiter to place my coffee and sandwiches on a window ledge beside their table. I went over to retrieve my coffee and food and saw that they were pawing over drawings of  Shoulder to Air Missile Launchers.

The only problem that revealed itself as a result of Ukraine cutting its ties with Moscow was a shortage of clothing and consumer goods.”

EXTRACT 2 : Conversations with Jesus – Spiritual Healing. Physical Healing

“My son Adnam told me Jesus, that you are the most sought after healer in the whole of the Druid Cor. Adnam said that many Druids claim you have performed many miracles of healing. That you healed a man whose eyes were so congested that his sight had left him, and when the man returned to the Cor, bringing with him gold coins you refused to accept the coins. Instead you instructed the man to give the coins to those less fortunate than himself as a token of his gratitude for his healing by the one God.

What secrets have you learned from the Druids Jesus, that have helped you achieve such success as a healer? We were taught an extensive knowledge of ointments and herbal potions with which to treat many different ailments, Great Uncle Joseph. It is to my own astonishment that I remember every remedy for so many physical illnesses. Also those for treating the mind of man, including trance meditation, and the way of casting out devils. Even people harbouring an inner neurotic desire to remain an invalid can be cured through strong spiritual faith. The most stubborn infirmities can be cast out into animals.

It is necessary for all successful healers to understand the fundamental make-up of a man. The Spirit of man is from God. The physical man is from the animal. Man shares his life with his animal nature. Some men more so than others. Spiritual disorders, whether conscious or below the conscious level result from Sin. The guilty feelings that come from Sin induce illness into the physical body. Sometimes the whole man is ill, requiring both spiritual and physical treatment.

If an illness persists, there have been occasions when I have made an amulet ring of silver, copper, or gold. Engraved flee, flee, and the name of the illness, followed by the words, “God has set me free”. A combination of physical, mental and spiritual illness are not uncommon. It is therefore necessary for the healer to have sufficiently charged spiritual power to forge an invisible link between the spiritual and physical realms.”

EXTRACT 3 : Scrying with The Skull of Doom

“I saw a great skeleton striding the oceans calling to me. My waters are warming My Prophet.

My fish and my creatures will die. Great will be My wrath upon those who have poisoned My Soul. I will sack my land. I will return it to the sea. I will burn the land. I will burn the forests. I will flood the coasts and cities until I have washed away the poison. Poison will rise from the depths of My oceans. There will be wars with those who try to escape My wrath. Man will destroy himself and his filthy ways. Keep watch on the night of the High Tides. Do not sleep less you perish in My waters. Keep watch when My Sun is hot, less you perish in the heat.

My punishments are coming. I will Passover those I love, and those who love Me, and keep My Commandments, or Repent their evil ways. I will not take away their Time and Eternity. Others who are not of My way shall perish in My waters, the poisoned air, or burnt by My Sun.”

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