Introduction from Ronald Rayner

I did not set out to write books and make documentaries with the purpose of attracting fame and fortune. My prime objective for my writing, and my films, is to make a difference. I achieve this by introducing into people’s lives that which is clean, wholesome, good, and beautiful. I work with personal conviction, to trigger betterment in everyone who comes into contact with my work. My efforts are also planned to bring about beneficial change in the way in which some people may lead their lives.

I enjoy putting people in touch with extremes of emotional realities surrounding subjects that may have held an appeal at sometime in people’s lives, or about which people may have been curious. I start out using instances of highs and lows of powerful convictions in history. I knit these together in a factual unbiased way that fetches eternal truths to the surface. Truths of pain or love that are so fundamentally important they cut through the mire of artificiality and pretence that saturate us in our daily lives. Truths that have the power to bring about changes in thought patterns, and
values, in a way that can set people free. Those who are set free may then exude a power from within themselves that cannot be ignored by thinking minds around them.

I know from reader’s letters that my overall strategy is successful in shining through for some. Literally switching on a light in a very dark tunnel, in which they felt trapped. I am sometimes sad that I see people in the world waiting in droves for good news that will never arrive. They sit slowly being overtaken by a shadow, a shadow being cast by future events that will affect their lives for the worse. Sitting with eyes wide open but unable to see that the time to change their thinking to redefine what really are the true values or worth in their lives and in the world, is now.

Many people have a deep longing to know or hear of that which is extraordinary; the eternal truths are out there, however, but are only seen by those who have the eyes to see.

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