Reviews for Joseph Escapes to Glastonbury

This third groundbreaking book in three years is surely destined for cinema screens. The history of Jospeh of Arimathea. Joseph’s conversations with the Prophet Jesus. The clue to the Jesus Scroll through the independence of Ukraine. Everything in the book brings for me the good news. God is firmly back in his seat of all things great and small. A book that will remain forever on my bedside table.


I make author Ronald Rayner an important historian and mystic. Added to which, anyone who has ever studied the work of the great parapsychologist Carl Jung, will know that it takes great personal courage to experiment with Scrying. I don’t doubt that he has succeeded, albeit that the results are very scary.


A truly amazing book. The first ever expose of the way in which Russia’s bread basket Ukraine, managed to gain independence, and remain free. The story of the Jesus Scroll, and the man with the money and logistics behind the success of the Diciples. The building of the first Christian Church outside Jerusalem in Cornwall, England AD38. All mind blowing material. How such importance remained hidden is a miracle in itself.


I see this book as an amazing true tale of determination, love, hope, and acheivement on the highest plane. An historic virgin love between two exceptional people, sacrificed to the highest good. A book that has all the essential original ingredients for a major film.

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