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The New Book from Ronald Rayner

An important history never before told, Joseph Escapes to Glastonbury is the sensational new book from Author Ronald Rayner.

Spiritual and Physical Healing
Mysticism & Superconsciousness
Achieving Independence for Ukraine
Scrying with the Skull of Doom, The End of Days, Skull of Armageddon & Crystal Skull
Mass Extinction is on its way
Secrets of The Holy Grail

This book is the first ever exposè of the way in which Russia’s bread basket Ukraine managed to gain independence and remain free. The story of the Jesus Scroll, and the man with the money and logistics behind the success of the Disciples and the building of the first Christian Church outside Jerusalem in Cornwall, England AD38.

Following the success of The Clinton Connection and Joseph of Avalon, Ronald Rayner’s new book is the amazing story of Joseph of Arimathea and his escape to Glastonbury with the secrets of the Jesus Scroll. This journey weaves an important narrative through other past events as well as into the future with Scrying in the manner of the High Priests in the Temple of Soloman revealing the future of the world as seen by the Author.

From the Author, “I enjoy putting people in touch with extremes of emotional realities surrounding subjects that may have held an appeal at sometime in people’s lives, or about which people may have been curious. I start out using instances of highs and lows of powerful convictions in history. I knit these together in a factual unbiased way that fetches eternal truths to the surface. Truths of pain or love that are so fundamentally important they cut through the mire of artificiality and pretence that saturate us in our daily lives. Truths that have the power to bring about changes in thought patterns, and values, in a way that can set people free. Those who are set free may then exude a power from within themselves that cannot be ignored by thinking minds around them.”

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